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Team Stories

Team Kinguin preparing for a game
March 11, 2017
Getting Fired Up and Focused. That’s How We Prepare!

How much should you train before a Match Day? Is your attitude as important as your focus? What exactly does the coach do? Learn how Team Kinguin’s CSGO squad gets ready for their games. Preparing for an official match isn’t as simple as it may seem, considering the fact that CSGO is a sport always…

Hatchy's Story
February 28, 2017
Hatchy’s Story. How Does One Become an Esports Coach?

Before Team Kinguin’s League of Legends Head Coach Adrian ‘Hatchy’ Widera becameĀ professionally involved in the game, he lived what he calls a ‘normal life’. Esports changed everything. The story of our trainer proves that in order to go pro, you need talent, a heck of a lot of work and even more determination. In real…

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