The group stage is halfway done, here are some interesting information about our opponents!
Want to learn more about the opponents in our Group B of the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers? Here are some information about how they got here, expectations about their performance and highlighted players to watch!


 Alternate Attax


Top Kektz Bor Jeršan
Jungle Phrenic Gerrit Stukemeier
Mid Jenax Janik Bartels
AD HeaQ Martin Kordmaa
Support Arphan Arphan Omar

Everything began with Iguana eSports and Deutsch Championship qualifiers. At first team squad was a little different, we had Scarface instead of Kektz on top and Ritix as a marsmkan instead of HeaQ. That team has managed to win second qualifier and it has guaranteed them a spot in Deutschland Championship. Despite the successes of this team they decided to bring Kektz and HeaQ into the squad. In the last qualifiers in they lost in semifinals but despite that fact Iguana eSports ended up on the second place after all qualifying events. At the group stage they had some problems but they have managed to win both bo1’s what caused them to advance from the group stage on the 1st place. Their next stop was the main Deutschland Championship LAN event. Their first opponent was EURONICS Gaming, the main candidate to win the whole championship. Nobody expected Kektz and his teammates to win but they managed to surprise their rivals and win the semifinal 2-1. In the Final match they stood against the players from team Mysterious Monkeys who won over Eyes on You. Final match was way easier than the semifinal against EURONICS and ended up with 2-0 result for Iguana eSports, that victory granted them place in Challenger Series Qualifiers. Right before the qualifiers players changed organisation and now they are playing for Team Alternate.

Player to watch:  HeaQ
HeaQ wasn’t in many teams before but he’s considered a very solid player. The truth is that he hasn’t accomplished too mutch but we can watch him in the LCS this seson as the player of Giants Gaming. Really interesting fact about this player is that he began his carreer in a team coached by our trainer, Hatchy.

Tricked eSport


Top Atom Peter Thomsen
Jungle SezzeR Jonatan Villebro
Mid Godbro Dan Van Vo
AD Reje Victor Etlar Eriksen
Support Fittle Anders Wind

The team was formed in october 2016, and their plan was simple – win Ragnarok and qualify to the CSQ. Taikki got into the squad and was playing with the dutchmen during previously mentioned Ragnarok. The tournament wasn’t really hard and stacked. If I’m not wrong Tricked won it without loosing any map and they have played about six bo3 matches. At the end of december last year Taikki announced that he’s’ gonna play for Forge what left Tricked leaving them in very uncomfortable spot but they have managed to find Sezzer, which joined them about 1 week before their 1st CSQ game.

Player to watch: Godbro
Choosing only one player from this team is very hard because this team contains three players with LCS past (Atom, Godbro, Reje). I have decided to pick godbro because of his rich esport past. In 2013 season he was representing CW and NiP in both LCS splits but after he decided to move to midlane and the team has decided to fire him. After this situation we haven’t heard about him for some time. He came back in 2015 and since then we could watch him in every split of Challenger Series but he did not manage to qualify into LCS. Godbro was considered as one of the best players in EU mechanically some time ago and untill today Hatchy probably still has nightmares of his 5-man shurima shuffle against one of his previous teams.


Team AlienTech


Top FearlessS Miguel Santos
Jungle Reat1ivo Oleg Ralchenko
Mid Aziado Tiago Rodrigues
AD AlternativeX  Joao Parada
Support Slayer  Nuno Moutinho

Team Alientech is for sure the team who is biggest surprise of this Challenger Series Qualifeirs, nobody expected them to qualify but they still managed to do it. In this year of Portugal Championship they ended up on 2nd place loosing only against stacked K1CK eSport. Despite the fact they were in theoritically easier bracked of previous qualifiers nobody counted on them. Roster was practicly unknown on the european scene but they went throught the first rounds of qualifiers without bigger problems by surprising their opponents with unconventional picks. They met their first serious opponent in the semifinal, they stood against K1CK eSport.  Team Alientech managed to defeat them with a 3-1 result and that’s how they managed to qualify to CSQ. They lost the final match against EURONICS Gaming 2-0 and after that they’ve made some roster changes. They have decided to put their previous jungler Crusher as their coach and fill the gap with Reat1vo. The experts think that AlienTech team is the worst team in this qualifiers but they have proved that they won’t give up on the second day of this event by defeating theoritically stronger Alternate Attax. I think that Team AlienTech might be able to surprise lots of people during this qualifiers. It will be hard for them to advance into challenger series but we have to remember that the matches are in BO1 format so AlienTech can do what they are best at – surprise opponents with unconventional picks and defeat them before they will realize the way to stop AT from doing it.

Player to watch: Whole AlienTech Team
It is nearly impossible to pick the extraordinary player in this team. This is a team which wins by surprising their opponents with picks. There are no individualites, their strenght is based on perfect teamwork. I think that it is a great success for them to get into the CSQ and despite that they are proving that they want more and they won’t  give up.


Team Larssen

Team Larssen (as MnM Gaming) winning the ESL UK Premiership LoL event


Top Arin1 Arin Ali
Jungle Pridestalker Milo Wehnes
Mid Larssen Emil Larsson
AD XDSmiley Ludvig Erik Hugo Granquist
Support Hadow Mantas Sukevičius

This is a team that was a mystery till the last moments before Challenger Series Qualifiers had began. They claimed their spot as MnM Gaming (Only Angel, Phurion, Larssen, XDSmiley, Hadow in roster) winning ESL UK LoL Premiership. Right before the end of 2016 previously mentioned players announced that they are parting their wais with MnM gaming and that they are free agents waiting for propositions. Esports News UK wrote that before the players joined MnM they agreed with the owner that if they qualify they will be the owner of the slot. Probably they didn’t get as much as they wanted from MnM so the team has decided to sell their place in CSQ but in the end they did not sell it because the buyer tried to trick them(rumours). That’s how they ended up playing in CSQ with Team Larssen as their name. Considering the terms estabilished by RIOT they had to play with at least 3 players from their previous team in the 1st match in CSQ. And that’s exactly what happened because TL was playing their match against AT with Arin1, Pridestalker, Larssen, XDSmiley and Hadow in the squad. A lot of people think that it is nearly impossible to perform in CSQ with a mix but the stomp against AT proved that they were wrong and that it is really exciting to watch Team Larssen.

Player to watch: Larssen
Considering the fact of the team name that was obvious. Larssen is a young midlaner who has reached challenger as 1st player on EUW during the 2015 season and he did it while being 14 years old. He started his competetive career very early and with MnM Gaming he won ESL Premiership, that is why we can see how this young talent from Sweden performs in CSQ


Team Forge


Top Beansu Mauno Tälli
Jungle Taikki Arttu Sirkka
Mid Jiizuké Daniel Di Mauro
AD Gari Bae Yong-jun
Support Mocha Kim Tae-kyeom



Team Forge is fighting to stay in Challenger Series. Experts think that they are the favourites to win the group, maybe even a favourites to win the whole qualifiers. Their situation in the CS Split was really interesting because they won only one match, rest of them ended up with draws. Since then their squad changed a lot: from previous team there are only two players left: Jiizuké and Taikki, they decided to change korean toplaner (Mimic) and marksman (GAP). They also parted ways with their previous support – Hiiva. That allowed them to bring Gari and Mocha – korean duo from Challengers Korea (European CS equivalent) into the squad. This duo was taking part in very popular KeSPA Cups but they didn’t manage to win any of these events yet. Their weak spot might be lack of teamwork and communication. Their new toplaner – Beansu is a player which was playing in CS and has a lot of experience, he is definitely a threat, which shouldn’t be disregarded. Their jungler – Taikki was one of the most important players of previous 4G team and it will probably stay the same this time. Finnish player gathered the experience not only in european CS, he was also a player of turkish TCL, he even managed to be 2nd best team with Beşiktaş e-Sports Club in 2015.

Player to watch: Jiizuké
This italian midlaner is the team MVP. He has not accomplished too much on a competetive scene but he is a respected player on EUW soloq. Jiizuké was in the top of challenger ladder multiple times, last season he managed to bring his three accounts into top 200 players of EUW server. That player is really skilled but it might also be a burden for him because everyone expects him to perform and play without any mistakes.
This article was written by our analysts team:
Michał “Trufeel” Hurny
Dominik “Slite” Woliński
Mateusz “LoczeQ” Ruszczyk
Bartłomiej “VoV” Ryl


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