How much should you train before a Match Day? Is your attitude as important as your focus? What exactly does the coach do? Learn how Team Kinguin’s CSGO squad gets ready for their games.

Preparing for an official match isn’t as simple as it may seem, considering the fact that CSGO is a sport always full of surprises.

„We get information about upcoming games directly from the organizations that host the event,” says our Head Coach Mariusz ‘Loord’ Cybulski. „Some hosts, such as DreamHack or Intel Extreme Masters, announce their games in advance, and some do it during the season.”

It’s up to the host if we learn about an upcoming confrontation a couple of weeks before it, or… a couple of days. Qualifiers-related announcemens are usually the ones that come very late.

Getting news about games that late is problematic for two reasons. First, we don’t get much time to prepare, and second, sometimes we’re not able to participate at all.

„Just this year we’ve had to pass on the first Katowice and DreamHack Las Vegas qualifiers because we had other matches already scheduled,” Loord says.

Got Game? Gotta Be Ready!

Sometimes we have a couple of days without official matches. Those are good moments to try and improve our own game, try out a new tactic or add a new strategy. We test new ways to play in sparring matches with other teams.

When we know we have an upcoming match, it’s time to get ready. We believe it’s more important to focus on our own game than to try to adapt to our opponents, even though we still do it, using all the knowledge of them that we have. Our coach comes up with varoius tactics and plays, and analyzes the other team’s playstyle.

On the Match Day, contraty to what you may think, we don’t play that much. We need to be careful not to overtrain.

„The most reasonable thing to do is to play one or two sparring matches right before the main game, preferably on one of the match maps,” Loord explains. „Before that, all of the players train on their own on aim_map or DeathMatch servers. Playing more intensely may bring the risk of losing focus during the official match.”

Getting into the right mood for a game also poses a challenge. How do we take care of that?

„It all depends on the game and the opponents themselves,” says Michał ‘Michu’ Muller. „If we play from our homes, everyone does it on their own. LAN tournaments, however, are another thing. We talk a lot to get each other pumped up and enter the scene with fighters’ attitude.”

Physical fitness, as Michu adds, is important, but to a lesser degree. Although he had been into sports in the past, nowadays he rarely devotes his time to such activities. It pays to be in good health, though, as no excuses will be accepted when it comes to official matches. If we have a game scheduled, all players must play – even in high fever.

The Game Is On!

During the match the person responsible for being the In-Game Leader – commanding the squad and choosing how to play a round – is Szpero. It doesn’t mean that all we do is make decisions on the spot. We do have a plan. The thing is, sometimes it’s better not to follow it to a tee.

„It’s not a bad idea to play according to a plan, but you can do that for the first couple of rounds. Later on you need to adjust to your opponent and improvise,” says Loord.

It’s worth to note that the team, while playing, is advised not only by the leader, but also by the coach – and you can see the end result on live streams.

What Happens When the Game Ends?

What we do after a match depends on the score. If we win, it means we haven’t made too many mistakes and we don’t have to spend much time on analyzing our performance. If we lose, we try to work out what went wrong and how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Sometimes, however, our schedule is so tight that there’s literally no time to think things out. If we have another match coming the next day, we’d rather get ready for it instead of crying over spilled milk.

Judging by our performances, we’d say our way works pretty well. We still have a lot to achieve, but it seems we’re on the right track!

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