Jungle is a place which has the most impact on the whole game. When you have the ability to play to the extreme best, the wins are coming very easily. In this guide, you won’t find general concepts, but detailed tips which sometimes can mean difference between win and lose.

Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor is a very important part of the game. In later stages, when champions have many items, clearing waves is fairly easy and having a tool which can power up you minions is more than necessary. But people often forget how exactly Baron deals damage and what spells he is using.

First of all he has two attacks which only occur when you are behind him and both of them stun you for a brief moment. That’s why you always have to stay in front of it, instead of back. The second important thing is that champions damaged by Baron Nashor deal only half damage to him for 15 seconds. It means that even in dire situations it’s risky to let your damage dealers tank it, because you may just lack power to kill it.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a very old champion and everyone knows (more or less) how to do the famous Insec or Kick-flash. But there are many more fancy combos which can often lead your team to a victory.

Have you ever thought how Challenger players are kicking opponents while they are in the flying animation? The trick is to place a ward and use W to dash to it, before casting your second Q. Here is a little tutorial how you can do it!

Besides that, Lee Sin can use a trick called “dragon airlines”. When you are chasing enemies who are near the dragon pit, you can use the monster to close a little bit of distance. The only thing you have to do is use your Q to jump to dragon as fast as you can and then right click the side you want to go. Check out how it’s done in the video!


When we are already at the subject of dragon, Elise is another champion who can do a trick with it. Using your spider form jump just after attacking dragon will place your little spiders at different sides of the the dragon, which means they can tank it. Sometimes it can be a little bit random, but still – you do not lose as much HP.  Check out how it is done!

Scarra Ward

To this day the Scarra ward, named after a player who wasn’t able to do it correctly, remains (in)famous. Warding the tribrush from Baron/Dragon pit can be really helpful. Having as much vision as possible (and placing it safely) when doing objectives is a key step to win a game.

The trick is to place you cursor over a little bit left from the middle of the scars on the rock (Dragon Pit) or at the end of glyph-rock (Baron Pit). Here you can see the exact places.

Hopefully you were able to learn something new from these videos and improve your gameplay. Good luck on the Fields of Justice!