We are pleased to announce that Marcin ‘kh4osu’ Kuźma takes up the position of the Manager of Team Kinguin’s League of Legends division.

Marcin has started playing League of Legends when the game was still in beta — earlier than many professional players. He began his career in esports at Illuminar Honor Gaming, where he was one of the team’s managers. He was also a Project Manager at Frenzy, where he took care of arranging projects, planning and coordinating esports events, and running social media profiles. Marcin got involved in Team Kinguin a couple of months ago, when he joined our social media team.

„We’re all glad to have Marcin on the team. Not only he has a great connection with the players, but also knows the game incredibly well and understands its demanding scene. Every day Marcin proves that he’s a man you can count on,” says Team Kinguin League of Legends’ Head Coach Adrian ‘Hatchy’ Widera. „Of course we would like to thank our previous manager Mateusz Drabent for his outstanding engagement and all the help he has provided.”

We welcome Marcin ‘kh4osu’ Kuźma as our new League of Legends Manager. We believe it’s the start of a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation.