Talented, hungry for battle and always aiming to be among the best -– there’s no better way to describe our new Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds players. We can’t wait to see you in action!

Jord van Geldere a.k.a. Ibiza

Ibiza, born and raised in the Netherlands, has been playing PC and console games since he was 9. It was always his ambition and passion to play seriously and try to achieve the highest possible level. His first PC game was The War Z. When leaderboards became popular, he spent hours grinding to reach Top 10. And when PUBG came out, he knew he just found his new passion.

Getting a chicken dinner in this game is just so much fun,” Jord says. “PUBG is so different compared to other battle royal games. The shooting, cars and movement — it’s all amazing.”

On the battlefield Ibiza prefers to use a fully decked M4 with 4x scope for long distance fight and with a red dot sight for close distance.

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David Tillberg Persson a.k.a. Fuzzface

David is a Swede with a deep love for FPS games, which started with Quake 3 and Battlefield 1942. He has always had a thing for competitive gaming and enjoyed getting better at whatever he does. You can be pretty sure that he has played and possibly mastered almost every triple-A first person shooter there is.

“The thing I like the most about PUBG is the fact that it’s so punishing, which makes it really intense to play,” Fuzzface explains.

David’s specialty is flanking, driving and sniping, and when it comes to choosing a weapon, he’s all for AWM, because who doesn’t like the one-shot-one-kill approach?

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Harry Layton a.k.a. LaytoN

LaytoN, a native Londoner, has been a competitive player since he can remember. He mainly focused on the Battlefield series and some MOBA games, like SMITE and Paragon, where he was recognized as one of the best players in Europe. However, since PUBG was released, he’s only been interested in finding players that he could build synergy with.

“I was on the hunt for a new title to tryhard in, and then I came upon PUBG. Instantly I could relate to it. The feeling was similar to the rush I used to get whilst waiting 6 hours for ‘the perfect teamfight’ playing DayZ mod,” Harry says.

LaytoN is a big fan of the M4, which, as he says, just feels right in most situations. He specializes in breaching compounds and close distance fights.

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Mathias Winther Larsen a.k.a. Larsen

Straight from Denmark comes Mathias Winther Larsen. He got his first computer when he was 10 years old and started playing online games in the era of Counter-Strike 1.6, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3. Larsen was amongst the highest ranked players in League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Arma 2 and 3, and achieved Global Elite in CSGO. Whenever he starts a new project, he always wants to be one of the best at what he does.

“I’d say what made me good at PUBG was a lot of my experience from Arma, where I learned how to use the terrain to your advantage, when to take fights in your favor and when definetly not to take fights”, Larsen says.

In PUBG, he’s a versatile player and prefers to use 5.56 cal. assault rifles, reliable at any range.

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Strong Together!

With a team so talented and ambitious we aim to establish Team Kinguin as one of the leading contenders in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. We hope you will be with us to see what we can accomplish together!