Every online game has its own Meta — the best way of playing, one that increases your chance to win. However, in most games balance changes with new updates. And even the smallest tweaks may strongly affect the games’ fragile ecosystems.

League of Legends: New Game Every Two Weeks?

If you are a League of Legends player, you’ve probably noticed that once every two weeks there is a new patch that changes the balance of champions, items, and often also masteries. The best thing to do when it happens is to read the patch notes prior to playing the game with the new update.

Sometimes champions or items may change so much that they will become useless — or overpowered. A good example of that is the huge 7.2 update that strongly impacted Lethality. The stat was buffed by 35%, along with the items that have it.

Because of that, since the 7.2 patch we can see Varus, Jhin, Jayce, Graves, Zed or even Talon being picked way more often in professional games. The last two hadn’t been seen for a long time — and these „little” changes were enough to bring them back.

How many times did you not expect THAT amount of damage?

Counter-Strike: We All Remember the R8 Revolver

At the end of 2015, a controversial CSGO patch was published, called ‘2015 Winter Update’. Besides some bug fixes and a new case, it introduced a new weapon: R8 Revolver. It’s a rather pricey gun ($850) with an unique mechanic. Using the left mouse button fires a charged, well-aimed shot, while the right click results in a normal fast shot.

When the update was released, on December 8, 2015, thanks to the new weapon it became possible to kill armored opponents with just a single shot to the body. Players, especially the ones that got fragged with R8, weren’t too happy about the overpowered gun. Forums got flooded with fierce discussions, and Valve was quick to respond. Just two days after introduction, the new revolver was nerfed and nowadays is rarely used.

Currently the R8 Revolver (and also Negev) are under Valve’s microscope. A couple days ago, their updated versions were made available at lower cost for testing. Will the developers manage to balance the guns and make them useful? Only time will tell.

You don’t want to be him, do you?

Small change, big consequences

CSGO and League of Legends aren’t monolithical entities. Both games are everchanging, and, as you can see, even a relatively small tweak can upset their balance. For Team Kinguin it’s crucial to follow Meta changes and adjust to them as quickly as possible. After all, no one wants to be taken by surprise.

Do you remember any updates that you though were game-breaking, or on the contrary – took it to a whole new level? Write your story below!