We’re proud to present the new Team Kinguin League of Legends lineup. Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley, Benjamin ‘Visdom’ Ruberg and Olof ‘Flaxxish’ Medin join Paweł ‘Woolite’ Pruski and Sebastian ‘Sebekx’ Smejkal, and our road to LCS begins.

Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley: The Most Important Piece of the Puzzle

Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley, previously a player in Unicorns of Love, Mousesports and Fnatic Academy, among other teams, becomes the new Jungler and our In-Game Leader. He played multiple seasons in Challenger Series and was one game away from LCS.

„Dan is a very experienced player and the most important piece of the puzzle,” says Head Coach Adrian ‘Hatchy’ Widera. „He’s an amazing shotcaller and leader, ready to shoulder the responsibility. What we previously lacked was a team captain, and Dan is perfect for that part.”

Benjamin ‘Visdom’ Ruberg: A Perfect Match for Woolite

Benjamin ‘Visdom’ Ruberg, the new Support, previously played for Schalke 04 and HWA Gaming.

„I played with Schalke 04 at GeForce Cup and got defeated by Team Kinguin in the first round, mostly thanks to Woolite,” says Visdom. „I decided that if I should ever play with an ADC, it should be him. Now my wish came true and every game is like a walk in the park.”

As Hatchy explains, Visdom is a great match for Woolite, as they play extremely effective as a duo. Benjamin is great at communication, he’s famous for his ability to perfectly control a wide range of champions, and has a sixth sense for macro.

Olof ‘Flaxxish’ Medin: Making Us Unpredictable for the Opponents

Olof ‘Flaxxish’ Medin, previously from Meloncats, Nova, Asus and Giants, becomes the new Toplane. He participated in LCS, IEM and NACS playoffs, and along with his co-players shared the victory in LVP.

„Flaxxish is an incredibly versatile player,” Hatchy explains. „He can surprise the opponent with some unconventional champion choices. His true potential lies in top lane Carries. Olof adds depth to our team and is another player able to save the day in a tight spot.”

Woolite and Sebekx: The Force We Already Know

Sebastian ‘Sebekx’ Smejkal and Paweł ‘Woolite’ Pruski – whose great capabilites we already know – remain in the team and are the best choices for Mid and ADC we could imagine.

With a lineup so experienced and talented, we believe Team Kinguin is on its path to LCS.

We are ready and eager to play!