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Team Kinguin – Jacket


Top class jacket with Team Kinguin colors — the exact same clothing our players wear! Made from durable and breathable fabrics which ensure both comfort and maximum air flow. Great not only for gaming, but also for jogging and gym workout. The quality you expect!


Product Description

This post is also available in: plpolski (Polish)

An all-star lineup deserves the best clothing, and our fans deserve it too!

Order the official Team Kinguin Player Jacket for 2017 – the exact same Szpero, Tabasko, Rallen, Michu and the rest of our team wear during the game.

Specially designed with our players and fans in mind, the Player Jacket is built to last endless hours of both indoor and outdoor use. It uses flexible and durable materials, while at the same time remaining light and comfortable. It gives you everything you want from a Jacket, and more.

Don our colors and be with the team!

This post is also available in: plpolski (Polish)

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