Did you know Fuzzface from our PUBG squad was actually a soldier? Did you ever wonder if this kind of experience pays off in the game? Well, we asked him!

TK: How long had you been in the army?

Fuzzface: Just shy of four years.

Why did you get there in the first place?

Because I wanted to do something different than going to a university. I was tired of studying. For me, it was a completely voluntary decision to apply for service.

In Team Kinguin you’re mostly a sniper/driver, but I can’t imagine you doing the same thing in the army.

Well, I didn’t really have one single thing to do. Multitasking was the key. I did a lot of stuff, and wherever I worked, we all tried to do as much as possible — mostly to ensure that everyone else also were able to multitask. So, I learned multiple weaponry operation and maintenance, radioing etc. There are some very specific roles, but not the one I had. It’s an approach the Swedish army takes because of its smaller size. The similar thing is, like in any army, you work with your team to do the task you’ve been given. It’s what you do that varies.

Since you got to know a lot of weapons, what do you think about PUBG’s weaponry? Is it in any way realistic?

Yeah, surprisingly, it is quite realistic, as far as video games go. I like the gun behavior. One particularly good thing is bullet drop, which feels good in relation to real guns.

Would you like the guns to be even more realistic?

No, I think that’s a great balance for the game!

In the army, did you also study tactics, rules of engagement etc.?

Yes, of course, you wouldn’t be an effective soldier without it. Just remember that rules of engagement are different from mission to mission and can be changed.

So, what about utilizing them in PUBG? Does it work?

Well, not in a sense that I take a particular tactic and apply it in game. Just the basic stuff: get good cover, move around to make the life hard for the enemy. Take initiative and be decisive. Get a plan, but stay unpredictable.

Do you think your experience is what makes you better than most players?

I think some people have naturally a better sense of tactics, and yes, maybe I’ve developed my sense quite a bit from my work. But I really think it’s something you just have or you don’t. You get better at the game from playing it more than anything else. I don’t think army experience affects it that much at all. Just be willing to accept that you can always be better and do better, and don’t think that everything you do is always the “right” thing.