A Quick Look at the Upcoming 2017 EU Challenger Series Spring Split

Team Kinguin will participate in the upcoming EU CS Spring Split. Who will we play against, when will we play, and what should you expect if you plan on watching the competition? Find the answers below.

What’s in a Split?

Spring Split is a six-team competition with two kinds of rewards. Not only the two best teams qualify for the League Championship Series, but four best earn money: 13k EUR (1st & 2nd place) or 7k EUR (3rd & 4th place).

The participants are:

  • Team Kinguin (obviously)
  • Fnatic Academy
  • Misfits Academy
  • Millenium
  • Paris Saint-German
  • Schalke 04

The teams take part in a Best of 2 (Bo2) Round Robin. Each team will play two rounds against each other. For a 2:0 result the winner gets three points. For 1:1 each team gets a single point.

The competition will take place over five weeks, with three encounters during each week. The exact dates of the matches are still to be revealed.


Who Will We Meet and How Will We Play?

The draw is still before us, so at this point we don’t know which team Team Kinguin is going to play with first. That’s not an issue, though, as we’re working hard to overcome all opponents.

„We’re spending a lot of time with our analysts, looking closely at each team’s playstyle in each of their recent matches”, says Head Coach Adrian ‘Hatchy’ Widera. „My job is to adjusts our tactics and make sure the team knows when to expect and how to counter a specific play. We spend hours and hours preparing for each game.”

Winning isn’t going to be easy. Our opponents – Schalke 04 and Paris Saint-Germain among them – are the cream of the crop, and it sure will be a pleasure to meet them. Expect intense games only!