Our players need healthy doses of energy and Runtime knows how to provide them. Meet our Official Performance Nutrition Partner.

Players Need Proper Nutrition, Runtime Delivers

Runtime believes that Esports players are athletes and just like in case of other sportsmen, they need appropriate nutrition and exercise programs. After years of consulting with leading sports nutrition experts and perfecting their formulas with highest-quality ingredients, Runtime has launched Buff Food, a complete meal replacement powder, and Runtime Orange, a performance energy drink.

Both products are designed specifically to release energy slowly and evenly over a period of time. That way, a player can focus on the game during long hours of training or in the middle of stressful matches.

We Can Focus on Giving Our Best

Our partnership with Runtime is another step in providing Team Kinguin with all tools necessary to reach their peak,says Kinguin Founder and CEO, Viktor Wanli. “International and regional tournaments have very tight schedules, making it nearly impossible for our athletes to eat proper, nutritious meals. Runtime is the perfect solution as Buff Food decreases hunger and offers one-third of all nutrients required daily, and Runtime Orange boosts focus and performance.”

Providing Team Kinguin with our Buff Food and Runtime Orange products so the team can focus on giving their best, winning, and feeling great is the reason we launched Runtime. It’s time that these top athletes of the 21st century receive nutrition products made specifically for them, says Runtime CEO, Alexander Zavoloka.

We can confirm it: Runtime meals are tasty, easy to consume and provide a steady intake of energy. Runtime is food made for players!

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