We’re glad to announce that we’re starting the recruitment process to the Team Kinguin Academy project.

Team Kinguin for Polish talent

The project, led by our head coach Hatchy, is dedicated to Polish candidates only. We see enormous potential in our domestic scene and we would like to help it develop by giving more opportunities to talented players.

From all the candidates we will choose 40 players and eight coaches. This pool will be divided into eight teams. Next, five players and two coaches will be selected from the workshops and tryouts to form the official team of Team Kinguin Academy.

What criteria must candidates meet?

1. Players must be born in 1997 or be younger. Why? Because we’re set on a long-term project and we want to give the chance to unknown, talented players who are thinking of a long-term esports career.

2. Rank of Diamond 2 or higher on the EU West server. We plan on focusing our attention on finding and fostering the most talented prospects.

3. Polish citizenship. This project is aimed at developing our domestic scene.

Timeline for the Academy

Phase 1 | Sign-ups will last until July 1, 2017. Our coaches and analysts will choose which 40 players and eight coaches will be accepted. Before starting the academy, all candidates will take part in workshops led by the head coach of Team Kinguin.

Phase 2 | Players and coaches will be divided into eight teams. In the four weeks of July there will be four tournaments played in a Bo3, single elimination format. The best two players from each position will advance to the next phase as well as five players and six coaches chosen by Hatchy.

Phase 3 | The details regarding this phase will be announced at a later date. We are preparing a special training program for the best participants from the second phase.

Together, let’s create a new benchmark for the Polish League of Legends scene. We welcome you!

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