Team Kinguin parts ways with the current League of Legends team and keeps looking for a new lineup.

After a meeting between Team Kinguin’s management and the League of Legends team, we mutually decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to terminate the contracts, due to the team’s clear underperformance. We’d like to dement that the contracts were terminated from the players initiative, as was posted on a few media websites.

New Focus, New Chances

„As we are heading for the upcoming season, we’d like to focus on completely rebuilding the team. Within next months we will thoroughly scout the Polish League of Legends scene in search of young talents,” says Head Coach Adrian ‘Hatchy’ Widera.

As Hatchy explains, Team Kinguin Academy is going to start soon and will help to shape future generations of players and coaches. In autumn, Academy participants’ performance will be summed up and analyzed, and the new lineup will be formed, ready to fight for the Challenger Series or LCS.

It’s About What the Team and Players Need

„We believe a thorough scouting of the Polish scene is necessary before reaching for European solutions, and a longer break before another qualifier will give us a chance to give young Polish players the attention they deserve,” says Hatchy.

Team Kinguin would like to thank the players and wish them success. We do not exclude the possibility that our paths will cross again in the future.