Chris ‘MoSiTing’ Würger and Nicolai ‘Hazel’ Larsen are joining Team Kinguin to assist our Head Coach Adrian ‘Hatchy’ Widera in bringing the League of Legends team to peak performance.

MoSiTing takes up the position of the Strategic Coach. He will be responsible for improving existing and preparing new game plans. Chris is an experienced European trainer and the former Head Coach of Copenhagen Wolves, TTurquality and Fenerbahçe Esports.

Hazel becomes the team’s Performance Coach. He will ensure the players are fully prepared for matches — also from a physical and mental standpoint. Nicolai has coached numerous esports teams, such as Origen, Low Priority and SuperMassive, using the experience he gained as a coach for the Danish National Diving Team. He often focuses on individual coaching, well-aware of the impact of mindset on sports performance.

A Few Words from Our Coaches

MoSiTing: „I’m very excited to work with Team Kinguin, with advancing into CS and LCS as a longterm goal. With Hatchy and Hazel, we have a very experienced team centered around our players to help them fulfill their ambitions.”

„The way Kinguin manages and treats the team is amazing. Just to mention one thing that’s standing out of all the teams I worked with — the meals provided by our chef in the Gaming House are literally a 10/10 experience. What’s the most important, though, is that there is a unique vision for esports — one that I share — and we will do our best to make it into LCS. Live strong, live long, Team Kinguin!”

Hazel: „For the last year I have been working across the world, trying to establish how exactly affiliate roles, such as performance coaching, are going to work on the League of Legends scene. I feel like Team Kinguin is a wonderful opportunity for me to dive closer into what constitutes the difference between a player and a professional. We can establish a closer link between work and play for all people engaged in esports.”

„In a very short amount of time I’ve become convinced that my place is with Team Kinguin. Their extraordinary support and expertise has left me little doubt that the 2017 summer season will be a great opportunity for me and everybody involved.”

Welcome aboard!