You can improve your skills in two ways: by practicing and by listening to someone who’s better at a certain thing. Our Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds squad has prepared 10 tips for all players who’d like to see these four magical words: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

1: Don’t be afraid of mistakes

The biggest mistake new players make is trying not to make any. If you want to get good at the game – and quickly – you have to land in big areas, like military base, Pochinki, Georgopol, Rozhok or school. Fight as much as possible, make as many mistakes as possible and LEARN FROM THEM.

“Plan: Check, Parachute: …uh-oh”

2: Pay attention to parachutes

Be aware of other players’ parachutes, so you get a general idea which areas will be clear and which will be a bit more risky.

3: Make sure to loot efficiently

Call out spare level two items when you don’t need them, pick up attachments that your team needs, and keep a count on meds. Find a safe spot after looting phase and trade.

4: Play with people around your skill level

If you want to get good at duos/squads, play with people around your own skill level and give everything names, so you can easily call out enemies when you spot them. It’s extremely important to have good synergy and communication.

I’m a snake, follow me”

5: Be aggressive and pick fights…

At the moment most of the highest ranked players loot and fight early in the game.

6: …but learn to be patient as well

Being able to control your adrenaline and staying patient in clutch situations will pay off.

“Oh, Camper, Camper~”

7: Find your favorite weapon

Find a weapon that you like, and stick with it. Practicing to get the feel of the recoil and mastering a single gun at a time is a good thing. Get used to it to the point you are able to laser moving targets, and then move on.

“Ladies, ladies! I can only focus on one of you.”

8: Get yourself a vehicle

After the first shrink, make sure you have a vehicle. Not having one puts you at a disadvantage, since there will always be enemies waiting for you. After each circle shrink, immediately try to move to the next good compound.

9: Watch streamers and adapt their play-styles

Watch people who are better than you, and try to learn from them. However, don’t try to copy top players from the get-go. Adapt a part of their play-style and see if you can replicate it to the best of your ability.

“Shh, I have seen this on stream!”

10: Treat each game as a learning experience

Bad positioning? Could you have waited and played the edge of the shrink? Should you have bothered to breach the compound when you knew there was a team there? Take a minute to think about it.

You should draw from previous experience in nearly every live scenario, so when you lose, remember why you lost. If a similar situation happens, recognize it and try a different approach. And remember that the game sense trumps all. You can’t always win, but your play can be consistent.

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