It was a really long and exciting weekend. We flew to Milan with hope and dreams and came back with a trophy! But let’s start in the beginning.


We started the tournaments form group stage in which we were drawn alongside Russian Wistrike (previously Quantum Bellator Fire), Brazilian Não Tem Como and Balkan Valiance. The mixture of different nationalities and game styles made defining the favorite really hard. We were really excited about the possibility of facing teams from different parts of the world.

Team Kinguin 16 – 9 Winstrike

During the first day we were facing major legends – Winstrike. Thanks to the good run veto, we managed to clinch our favourite map – Train. We started from a loss in the pistol round but managed to win the first half with the three points advantage. During the second half, we let our opponents score only three points and finished the match with 16 – 9 record.

Team Kinguin 12 – 16 Valiance

We started the second day with winners finals against Valiance. Unfortunately, we didn’t start the match well as we managed to win only one round during the first half. After the halftime, our gameplay has changed and we managed to score eleven points in a row. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to finish the comeback, which meant our drop to the losers’ bracket.

Team Kinguin 2 – 0 Não Tem Como

Our last match in group stage was against brazilian Não Tem Como. Only one team would go further and advance to the playoff stage, as the loser would be eliminated from the tournament. During the series we were the ones who took the upper hand from the beggining. We didn’t let our opponenets to surprise us and won in a convincing fashion after two maps.


After the not so easy group stage, it was the time for the playoffs. There we had our toughest challenge so far, as we would have to face The Imperial. They had shown a really strong and consistent form, even though they had changed their In Game Leader a few weeks before the tournament. Since the change, they seemed really fresh and were upsetting some really strong teams. We knew that it is not gonna be easy, but penguins never lose faith!

Team Kinguin 2 – 1 The Imperial

The duel against Imperial has started from the map of our choice, which was Dust2. The fight was really close, but we didn’t manage to win and our opponents were leading the series 1 – 0. As the second map, Imperial has chosen Mirage. We were very familiar with the map and had shown a really good level of play before. This time it was the same, as we managed to win the map in close fashion. The deciding map was Train, which was also the closest map. After taking rounds back to back, we managed to finish our opponents scoring the sixteenth points and winning the semifinal.

Team Kinguin 2 – 0 Windigo

In the grand final we were facing Bulgarian Windigo. They showed a really high level of game, even though they were playing with a stand-in. For the first map, our enemies choose Overpass. After really close fight, the results was to be decided during the overtime, which we managed to won 19 – 17. For our map pick, we decided to go with Dust2. Even though we were really well prepared, the Bulgarians didn’t slow down and once again everything would be settled during the overtime. This time also we were the winners with the same result as on the previous map, which gave us a victory in the whole tournament!


Ahh the taste of victory! Even we were tremendously tired, we were really happy about how we were playing and from the victory of course. Winning the tournament, we not only got $10000 but also qualified to the international finals of Zotac Cup Masters, where we will be facing the likes of Virtus.Pro! We can’t wait to go to Hong Kong!